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Geese Herding

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Geese Herding

Geese Herding is becoming a very popular teambuilding activity, not only is it extremely good fun to see your colleagues working sheepdogs and guiding the geese across a field but it is also very challenging and gets everybody hands on in the not so average teambuilding activity.

Learn to herd a group of geese from one pen into another, along the way you must navigate the geese through several obstacles before reaching the pen. Throughout the Geese Herding sessions you will be instructed on the techniques required for this task and how best to use the sheepdogs at your disposal. The dogs will be under your control and it is an amazing experience to actually work one of these fantastic border collies. It really makes you think about the characters of the animals and shows you the skill, commitment and capability of a working dog.

Geese Herding requires a lot of communication skills and a good sense of humour as you will be rolling around in fits of laughter as your colleagues attempt to control the farm animals. 

Please contact one of the events team for pricing and further information on this event. Prices can vary depending on venue and participant numbers, the Adventure Events team look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Package Includes:

  • Full event management
  • Experienced farm instructor
  • Sheep dogs & geese
  • Excellent team building activity