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Off Road Driving 4x4

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Off Road Driving 4x4

Take in the picturesque Buckinghamshire woodland; the daunting 4x4 course offers a perfect break from every day driving! Designed to test both novice drivers and those with existing experience, this pristine track offers all the thrills you could possibly want.

Novice driver under supervision, will learn to tackle the simple slopes and then progress to the more daunting challenges that the course entails! With our expert instructors on hand to guide you through the course, you will quickly gain confidence and cover terrain and obstacles you never thought were possible.

We also do Blindfold Driving and this is exactly what it says; driving wearing a blindfold! You will have your other team members in the vehicle, guiding you around the couse and obstacles, once finished, the drivers will swap over. 

Please contact one of the events team for pricing and further information on this event. Prices can vary depending on venue and participant numbers, the Adventure Events team look forward to hearing from you soon.

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