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Treasure Hunts

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Treasure Hunts

We’ve taken Treasure Hunts to a whole new level…

Our GPS Challenge range of games that can be played in either an urban or rural setting. There are a number of games to choose from to improve teamwork, have fun and which can be tailored to meet your exact objectives.

Technology that will blow your mind!

We haven’t used technology for technology’s sake. The Smartphone and Tablet revolution has allowed us to raise the bar and create a unique event that gives a more interactive team building experience.

Regardless of which game you book, each team will receive a tablet PC pre-loaded with your unique event and packed with a range of features that will engage and motivate your team. Here’s what you’ll get:

Interactive Maps

The Google Maps interface show where your team is on the map and more crucially, where the other teams are. The GPS technology will track your progress and only allow questions or challenge to be activated when you are in a particular location. No more cheating and plenty of surprises.

Instant Feedback & Live Scoreboard

Earn points for correct answers and receive penalties when wrong. A live scoreboard updates to build competition and excitement throughout the game.

Great questions & challenges

The cornerstone of what we do. We’ll include a huge variety of great clues, questions and trivia that will test the teams, get them working together, and having fun. Photo and video challenges add a creative touch and will be shown during the results session to bring the event to a memorable finale.

We’re here to help

We will work with you prior to the event to help you pull everything together and use our experience to recommend suitable venues and tailor the timings to suit your exact requirements. On the day, our Event Staff will be at your event to deliver an uplifting briefing, be on hand throughout the event, and then pull together the results for a hilarious finale.

Choose a game…

Here are the options that we have to offer you:

Huntathlon imageTime to get your team into the sporting spirit and give them an opportunity to go for gold with our fantastic 'Huntathlon' sporting themed event for 2012. Will your team be on the podium at the end of this exciting themed treasure hunt or will they even make the medal table? Only time will tell...

City Explorer imageThis is the perfect game for exploring a city and for seeing some of the best sites – this is competitive sightseeing at its best! You’ll have to answer questions about some of the things that you’ll find and take creative photos along the way for bonus points. All the while, you’ll be learning about the history of your chosen city and discovering a few hidden gems.

Pub Explorer imageWhat do you get if you combine a Treasure Hunt, a quiz and a Pub Crawl? The Pub Explorer! You’ll see some of the best that your chosen city has to offer, with the luxury of a couple of pub stops to break things up a bit along the way. It’s a great way to enjoy a social team event with a purpose.

Apprentice imageComplete business-related tasks and challenges, snap some photographic tasks along the way and then negotiate hard to purchase a range of items as cheaply as possible. Have you got what it takes to be the next Apprentice? The city is your boardroom and is where you’ll be judged.

Spy Catcher imageWelcome to the world of espionage and counter surveillance! Each team will need to complete a number of missions to identify the location of a spy who is causing havoc in the underground world. Missions include deciphering secret codes, undertaking surveillance photography and uncovering secret locations all using your tablet.

Comic Strip imageEnter the world of Superheros with this super-creative challenge. Teams will need to shoot a series of hilarious photos in order to pull together their very own comic strip. But there is a twist... other teams will also be contributing to your storyline, you’ll have costumes to make and Superhero trivia to answer for bonus points!


We would recommend that your group is divided into teams of 5 - 7 participants. We believe that manageable group sizes:

  • Keep everyone equally involved
  • Lead to greater interaction between team mates
  • Encourage ownership of the task

You can either select these teams in advance or we can pick them randomly on the day.

Please contact one of the events team for pricing and further information on this event. Prices can vary depending on venue and participant numbers, the Adventure Events team look forward to hearing from you soon.

We are social

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet for each team 
  • Clipboard and pens
  • Maps, Question and answer sheets
  • Disposable waterproof ponchos
  • Extra challenges to keep you on your toes
  • Cash budget (Apprentice treasure hunt only)
  • A trophy and medal for each member of the winning team
  • Post-hunt link containing your entire set of photos from the day
  • Event staff on the day for the duration of your event, including all applicable travel expenses
  • Full Public Liability Insurance

*Minimum group size of 12 required