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Colliding Waiters

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Colliding Waiters

Colliding Waiters is a musical blast of fun and energy set within your dinner or lunch. Your guests suspect nothing; they are blissfully unaware that among the real venue staff working around them, there are undercover colliding waiters!  

For Starters
A tray drops. Pots and pans crash to the floor and the irate Maitre’D and his waiters stun the room by instantly cooking up their “Stomp” style performance. Unveiling the kitchen percussion trolley, the room is filled with multiple sounds and grooves. 

The Main Course
This not just a performance, this is a culinary interactive surprise. Each table receives a bag of selected kitchen utensils to use as instruments and your guests become the orchestra! Your Maitre D now becomes your Kitchen utensil conductor and in the time it takes to sauté a scallop, he will transform the entire room into mouth-wateringly musical mastery. 

And To Finish
Fast paced; fun, frolics and musical mayhem. One final performance mixing all the evenings’ rhythmical ingredients together, then we leave the room on their feet and totally transformed.

Perfect as a networking, ice breaking or celebration surprise, Colliding Waiters gets everyone talking, laughing and making memories of your event.  Best served between mains and dessert or perhaps just before coffee, this 20-30 minute entertainment spectacle will not interrupt the flow of your meal, requires virtually no set up.   Small private dining or ball room sizes all easily catered for. 


Please contact one of the events team for pricing and further information on this event. Prices can vary depending on venue and participant numbers, the Adventure Events team look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Package Includes:

  • Full event management
  • Instruments and equipment for the entire group
  • Facilitators
  • Bespoke activity to meet your requirements
  • Full public and liability insurance