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Dragon Boat Racing

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Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat racing involves teams of up to 10 paddlers paddling frantically to beat the other teams down a set course in a 30ft boat with a drummer and helm. The drums and colourful boats make it impressive and exciting both to watch and participate in.
Teams will paddle in what looks like an oversized canoe with an ornately carved dragons head at the front and a tail at the rear.  A drum positioned at the front with a drummer furiously banging the drum to keep the rest of the crew in time.  A helms person (provided by us) steers the boat from the rear and helps to co-ordinate the team’s efforts so that they are all paddling at the same speed. 
Dragon boating is not only an exhilarating and enjoyable sport but also an excellent exercise in teambuilding.  It is essential for dragon boat teams to work together; making use of each member’s individual strengths in order to ensure that their team delivers the best possible performance in their races.  The winning team will be the team that successfully works together; communicating with each other, with the help of the drummer, to ensure that they work as a unified team.

A maximum of 11 crew members will race in the boat at one time.  The boats accommodate teams of 10 paddlers, 1 drummer and a helm (the minimum number in a boat is 6 paddlers, 1 drummer and 1 helm). 
Dragon Boat racing is a creative and exciting event with a difference and we guarantee to create an unforgettable day out of the office!  

Please contact one of the events team for pricing and further information on this event. Prices can vary depending on venue and participant numbers, the Adventure Events team look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Package Includes:

  • Dragon Boats with dressing (heads & tails, drums & paddles)
  • Helms for each Dragon Boat
  • Full event management
  • Event control point
  • Coloured T Shirts for each team (for the activity duration)
  • Buoyancy aids for all participants
  • Safety boat and driver
  • Results service
  • First aid cover
  • Full Public and Liability Insurance
  • Prize for the winning team