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Insight Days

Insight to becoming a Helicopter or Airline Pilot

Explore the first step towards your Helicopter or Airline Pilot's License by experiencing this unique introductory package including a lesson in a 2 seater aircraft. As part of your  pilot training our instructor will introduce you to the dynamics of flying, and giving you the chance to get hands on and fly yourself!
Come and join us at our UK wide locations for an insight into what it takes to become a Professional Pilot.

As one of the UK's largest helicopter operators we can give a unique insight as to what its really like to be a pilot. One of the hardest parts of becoming a commercial pilot is securing the first job. Often you will hear an employer say "sorry you haven't enough experience", this is accepted, but until you get a job how are you going to get the experience?

Training with us offers many unique advantages to ensure your success as a commercial pilot, one of which is to break the experience barrier. After all if we have trained you we are happy to offer suitable candidates their first all-important freelance job.

Insight to becoming a Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Ever wondered how a hot-air balloon works, or what it takes to fly one? Now with our Pilot Training Taster Session you will experience a superb adventure as you drift along in the oldest form of air travel, the Hot-Air Balloon. Once airborne you will get the chance to fly the balloon yourself with tuition from your experienced Training Pilot, who will be able to answer any questions you may have during the flight.



Insight to becoming an Airline Pilot


Insight to becoming a Helicopter Pilot


Insight to becoming a Hot Air Balloon Pilot


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Insight Day - Helicopter & Aeroplane Package Includes:

  • Refreshments on arrival (Tea/Coffee)
  • Helicopter/Airline Pilot Notes
  • Introduction and Safety Briefing by a CAA Licensed Helicopter Instructor
  • Hands-on 1:1 (15-20 min) Helicopter/Aeroplane Flying Lesson and Hover Challenge
  • Lunch
  • A Guided Tour of the Hangers and discussion about various helicopter types
  • A Presentation on Helicopter/Airline Pilot Career options by a CAA Licensed Helicopter Instructor
  • Small group size
  • Experience will last half a day allow approximately 4 hours
  • Available on various weekdays and weekends
  • Signed Flight Certificate on Completion at most locations
  • Counts Towards a Pilot's License
  • Spectators are welcome and may take photographs

Insight Day - Hot Air Balloon Package Includes:

  • You get a fully prepared Hot Air Balloon with professionally trained flight crew, and the chance for you to take the controls. Invite your friends, family, colleagues or clients to watch as you take to the air!
  • Full Flying Information Pack including Pilots Logbook
  • Lots of help and advice with preparation and planning
  • Flying tuition with hands-on experience
  • Informative tour of the flight terrain
  • Transport back to the launch site
  • Full flight de-briefing
  • Free insurance